What is a Home Watch Service?

A Home Watch Service is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” While you are away, a Home Watch service will, on a periodic basis, perform an ”on-site” visual and photographic inspection of the client’s home and property.  This inspection should be accompanied by a client-specific checklist and should include a photographic and textual report as to what was found.

What a Home Watch Service is not.

While a Home Watch Service provides a “visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues,” a Home Watch Service is not a home healthcare business, a home repair service, or a home security service, which are categories that Home Watch Services are frequently confused with during online searches.

What if something wrong is found?

If it is something that can be easily fixed or is rectifiable the Home Watch provider will document what was wrong, what was fixed, and how it was fixed. If a more serious situation is found, the client will be contacted and advised of the problem. The homeowner can then either (1) call their own repairman or technician, (2) request the Home Watch company to call a predetermined repairman or technician from the Client’s Profile Form, or (3) ask the Home Watch provider to arrange for a repairman or technician.  Issues involving vandalism or indications of a crime having been perpetrated will be reported to the client and then to the appropriate law enforcement agency. In all cases whatever action is taken is documented.

Why not use family, friends, or neighbors to do this?

First, can you really count on them to be as dedicated and trusted to do the job as a professional whom you are paying.  They will not be bonded or insured thus leaving you on the hook if something did not get done, did not get found, or goes wrong. Finally, should a problem arise that is not managed or is handled incorrectly, you could have serious strained relationships with people that you otherwise care about.

What does the service cost?

There is no “one price fits all.” The price of the service will vary from client to client depending on the magnitude and scope of the services requested, the size and layout of the home and property to be inspected, and the number of visits per month. Clients can request a quote, which will be generated after receipt of the customer profile form and an onsite visual inspection of the property by SRQ Castle Keepers.