SRQ Castle Keepers is a home watch service company.
We provide peace of mind in knowing your home and assets are watched over.

Serving Siesta Key, Sarasota, Sarasota County, Bradenton, Manatee County, and Surrounding
Communities Bird Key, Long Boat Key, Lakewood Ranch, Nokomis, and Osprey.

Probably one of, if not the largest, single investment you have is your home.  Most of us go to great lengths to protect that asset/investment by insuring it, installing safety devices, hiring a security company, hiring landscapers or lawn care companies, hiring pest control services, and perhaps others.  And, while all of these are important protective services, the question is who’s watching them.

As a home watch service, we are the last line of defense while you are away from your home or property. SRQ Castle Keepers provides documented inspections, including pictures, of both the inside and outside of your property, ensuring that (1) any, and all other contracted services have been (or are being) performed, and (2) that they are being performed effectively.

On the other hand, to the extent, you have not engaged any, or all, of these other services, SRQ Castle Keepers will still be providing that all-important inspection and protection against a myriad of possible issues with your home or property.

Think of us as additional insurance protecting your largest single asset your home/property.


We offer peace of mind!

Gary Rhodus, the founder and managing principal of SRQ Castle Keepers, is an experienced and seasoned business executive with over fifty years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  Gary is a 1967 graduate of Kansas State University and has been married to his wife Marsha for over fifty-seven years.

Gary’s corporate experience includes twenty-plus years in the former Bell System working at Southwestern Bell, AT&T, and Bellsouth corporation. In 1988 he founded Atlantax Systems Inc., a state and local transaction tax compliance company, which he grew and ran until 2018 when he sold it to a large publicly-traded company. During this time Atlantax processed and managed hundreds of millions of dollars of hundreds of clients’ state and local transaction-based tax returns and payments.


The most important asset we will own is your trust!

While SRQ Castle Keepers provides all of the typical home watch services (see our “List of Typical Services) we expect that each client will be unique and will have unique needs. We understand that meeting a client’s unique needs is the reason for our being who we are.  We will be happy to discuss and provide virtually all of a client’s needed home watch services to the extent we can legally and effectively do it.

Even if the needed services are the type we cannot legally or effectively perform such as licensed electrical, plumbing, or similar services, we can still provide the local oversight of those services in your absence.


We are here to meet, or assist you in meeting, all of your home watch needs!

Emergency needs could take two forms, those that arise during regular business hours and those that arise outside business hours.  In either case, and if subscribed to, SRQ Castle Keepers will be available to respond to emergency needs 24/7.


Your Emergency is our Emergency!

  • Client expresses interest.
  • We set up an onsite visit at the service location.
  • We tour the property.
  • We review the external, internal, and concierge forms for desired services.
  • We leave a copy of an unfilled and non-executed Service Agreement for the client’s review while we work up a quote.
  • Client is contacted with a quote for services and asked to return an emailed acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, a Service Agreement is completed and is emailed to the client.
  • Client executes the Service Agreement and returns via email.
  • Final Client Profile form (Post Engagement Form) is completed.
  • Service is initiated.
  • Click here to view our list of typical services


We provide peace of mind!


We build relationships on trust & performance – Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

What does it mean to be an “Accredited Member” of the National Home Watch Association? It means:

  • SRQ Castle Keepers is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for your protection.
  • SRQ Castle Keepers as a company and individually has been fully vetted and has undergone background checks to ensure we are a company that can be trusted.

First the matter of trust!  The principals at SRQ Castle Keepers believe that trust should be first and foremost in the minds of the homeowner looking for a Home Watch service. You are considering hiring someone who will pretty much have unfettered access to probably the most valuable asset you own, your home.  Especially in an industry that has far too many less than scrupulous wannabees. Before you make that decision, you must have absolute trust in the business and the people you are hiring! 

Second, because we view the relationship with our client as more than a “vendor/customer” relationship, we prefer to use the term “client” as opposed to customer.  Ours will be a  “relationship” built on trust and performance.

Third, the principal of SRQ Castle Keepers is a former Realtor with knowledge and experience in Home Watch services and what needs to be looked after.

Fourth, we are local, family-owned and operated.  When you talk to us you are talking to top management and the party responsible for performance related to the engagement.

Fifth, we value your privacy, and we commit to strict and complete confidentiality with respect to any of our services on your behalf. To the extent we are trusted with any passwords, key codes, gate codes, or any other access to any similar codes or confidential information, that information will be held in strict confidence and in locked client files.

Lastly, we commit to regular and systematic communication with our clients to ensure that they are regularly and consistently updated as to the condition of the property being watched and, that the Home Watch Services are being performed as contracted for.


Vacation and second homes spend a fair amount of time unoccupied. So, if unoccupied what could possibly go wrong? Well first, if no one is watching any number of problems could develop. The (but certainly not the only) disaster that might strike is water damage from leaky pipes, air conditioner issues roof leaks from storms, or any other source of water intrusion. And, in Florida, it does not take more than a few days for mold to begin to develop. Mold requires three things to grow: (1) nutrients like cellulose commonly found (among other sources) indoor green plants); moisture (water); and time. Mold can begin to develop within 24 hours and certainly if the ingredients are there within 10 days. Once mold begins to grow, eradication can be difficult and expensive.

How about bugs, spiders, and vermin like mice and rats? Is there a chance they might get in while I am away? Frankly, these kinds of concerns exist even when we occupy our homes, but we are there to observe them so we can take corrective action. So why would we think these types of problems go away while we are away? The fact is they do not! But with SRQ Castle Keepers, you still have eyes on the property.

When you think about it, anything that could go wrong while you are in your home could go wrong while you are away, especially for an extended period. So, why engage SRQ Castle Keepers?


SRQ Castle Keepers offers “Best in Class” home watch services at competitive prices.

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A Home Watch Service is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”